+ What do I bring to my first tax appointment?
As a new client, we will need personal as well as financial information.   We will need birthdates and social security numbers for all individuals listed on the return.

We will need all tax documents stating income and expenses for the year, which may also require bank and brokerage statements.  Please also bring information about any significant life event that happened during the year, such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, etc …

We will need all the tax returns filed for the most recent tax period.
+ When is the office open?
From January 1st through April 15th, the office is open 8am to 5pm on Monday through Friday and 8am to Noon on Saturday.

From April 16th through December 31st, the office is open 8am to 4:30pm on Monday through Friday.

If you need to meet outside of normal business hours, we are happy to discuss additional appointment times.
+ Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just drop by?
If you are just dropping of information with our office manager and do not need to see your accountant, then feel free to drop by during regular business hours.

If you need to speak with your accountant, however brief, we always recommend that you make an appointment.
+ Do you prepare tax returns from prior years?
We are able to prepare and amend Federal, State and local tax returns for prior years.
+ Do you provide other business services not specifically listed on the website?
We are able to assist your business in a multitude of ways that are not specifically listed.  We are here to help your business thrive, so please communicate any services that you may require.


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